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Our Pledge


Buying a franchise is unlike almost any other purchase you will make. If you buy the wrong sweater, or get a bad meal at a restaurant, there isn’t that much at stake.


Investing into a franchise is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Making smart decisions for the right reasons is important because there’s a lot more at stake!


If you’re a potential franchisee, we know you might feel a little nervous. You’re wondering if franchising is the right path to take. You are probably worried about making a costly mistake.


You want to learn more to be sure you make the right – the best – decision.

Our Pledge


We understand franchising and the importance of our work to a potential franchisee.

That’s why we pledge that we at FranchiseTV will always:

Deliver unbiased advice, as a team that puts your interests first.


Dedicate our business to serving your needs.


Communicate with you in a clear and courteous fashion.


Ensure our products and services exceed industry standards for excellence.


Be passionate about the work that we do for you.

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